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Texan Italian BiZ directory

There are over 400,000 people in Texas alone who claim Italian ancestry.   That’s a very significant number of people, wouldn’t you say?  

On the other hand, there are hundreds Italians who are moving to Texas on a regular basis, many of them attracted by the economic opportunities available in our state and the relaxed laws that exist for those interested in opening or transferring a business.  

Yes, we said there are many Italians coming to Texas interested in opening or transferring a business!   In other words, Italians providing job opportunities to our community.  This fall we are starting a Texan Italian Biz registry so we can learn more about all of those businesses that have strong ties with both Italy and Texas. 

One of our main goals is to be able to have an actualized list of Jobs that are offered by companies with strong ties to both Italy and Texas.    Ideally, this list could be updated frequently so all of our students of Italian are kept in the loop of how the Texan Italian job market is developing and the opportunities that it offers to those who decided to learn Italian and Italian culture while in college.

If you know a Texan Italian entrepreneur or business (regardless of their line of business), we encourage you to share with them with this form.    You can email it to them, text it, whatever you want.   Now you have an excuse to establish a deeper conversation with the owner of that Italian restaurant that you frequent!    

We will be publishing the first results of this registry at the end of the fall semester.    


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