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The first day of 2016

For the past 20 years, Antonella Olson has been bringing students from Austin to Rome, to stay six weeks in the eternal city, live with a local family and go through a fully immersive Italian experience.  This year, as she was planning to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her beloved “Rome Study Program,” we heard the news a couple of weeks ago that her program – as well as many other study abroad programs- may be in jeopardy given that people are justifiably afraid of sending their sons and daughters overseas.

Last night, perhaps in an act of rebellion to the idea of “being afraid”, we decided to receive the New Year walking through the historical center of Rome.  Bring it on.    

Yes, there was enforced security.   And yes, there was also a certain feeling in the air of collective apprehension for engaging with other people.     Nonetheless… above all, there was Rome.

Huge Roma, beautiful Rome, timeless Rome.  Quanto sei bella, Roma!!!

Each magnificent building played its part to remind us that humanity has always been complicated and that many things have happened for us to be where we now are.

Please, enjoy this video with some of the sights of Rome during the first day of 2016.  

We decided to cut it to the music of the one and only Lucio Battisti… put on some headphones, blast it, and enjoy!!!

Here’s to 2016!

Let’s overcome fear by embracing art, beauty and culture…

 all of the things that makes us human.

p.s. we got cool stuff coming up… it should be a very active year.. until soon,


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