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Battle of the Storytellers Fall 2018

Ready for the final showdown?!

These are the top four final digital stories of the Fall 2018 semester. They are upbeat, funny, exciting, and you should watch them all!!

A panel of six different judges from the Texan Italian community will choose the winner. You can also choose a Runner Up by adding a comment on this page or the ITAL front page supporting your favorite team.

Thanks to all the storytellers of this semester for doing such an amazing job. Your instructors are deeply proud of all of you. We hope your Italian experience this semester is something that you'll cherish for many years to come. We also hope you continue learning Italian and taking more classes next semester!!

Ok, enough with the chit chat. Let's get ready to RRRRrrumble!!!

Here are the contenders:

Team Guido: "MasterChef Italia"

Team Amanda: "Gli Artigiani Italiani"

Team Bucci: "Bucci's Guccis"

Team Moira: "Il Songo di Giorno"


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