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San Marcos, Texas - Fastest Growing City in America

As some of you may know, last december we launched a crucial yet modest crowdfunding campaign to raise $15,000 necessary to finish our documentaries, book, and feature film.

One of the "perks" that we gave through this campaign was the possibility of receiving an ITAL style "digital story" made about the contributor or the organization he/she represented.

To our delight, Samantha Armbruster, from the city of San Marcos was one of the ones to buy in on that. San Marcos has been our homebase for the ITAL project, and Samantha, who works at the Mainstreet office has been one of those people who has believed in our mission since the beginning along with her assistant Kaili Head.

So, having said that... please enjoy.

San Marcos was named in 2013 and in 2014 the fastest growing city in America.

We crafted a story that invited people to come to the city, but not without paying attention to its identity first. Talking to Samantha we agreed on the importance of making sure that growth does not obliterate the fantastic history and cultural wealth that already exists in our area.

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