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The long-awaited finale of the Italian Imagination saga

Created for ITAL's educational module 3, "The Italian imagination" video series definitely holds a very special place in our hearts. A blend of fantasy, cultural education, Fellini homage, unbelievable guests and biographical storytelling, all wrapped up into one. In the story, Sergio asks our friend Piercarlo Abate - a master Italian photographer who has collaborated with us in other projects - for his advice on how to create a film that feels "Italian". Given that Sergio is Texan-Venezuelan and Romina is Texan-Italian, they felt they needed help to understand the way Italians saw life and the world around them. Luckily for them, Piercarlo agrees to help them by telling them the "3 components of the Italian imagination."

One of the peculiarities of the series is that we never finished the last video; the so-called "3rd component of the Italian imagination." Procrastination aside, we were waiting for the right moment when the film was finished and out, so we could tell the entire story from beginning to end. We did think that this would probably happen at some point in 2013 or 2014!!! We also thought about finishing it after our Grand Premiere in 2016, but we ended up postponing it since we felt that the premiere was just the beginning, and so a great part of the story was still yet to be told. We wanted the last component of the Italian Imagination to help us "bookend" the entire ITAL project.

This is the first installment of the series; created and released in 2012. This video sets the mood and the theme for the entire series. Each story was released in Italian, English and Spanish, which we felt would work great for English speakers and Spanish speakers learning Italian.

And now... Drumroll, please.... here's finally the intro to the last component of the Italian Imagination!

The final part of the series, as well as the Italian and Spanish versions, will come out on our next members only bimonthly newsletter!.

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Wondering what's next?

Check out the editorial post of this newsletter where we discuss the future of ITAL and Tiramisu For Two and how you can stay in touch with us after this last public newsletter...

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