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New Contest - What are you Watching?

When we started ITAL in 2011, there was a very limited amount of cool content in Italian that you could find on Youtube. Things have definitely changed. Fast forward a few years later and now Youtube has exploded with content in Italian. You can easily spend days watching all the different things that are being constantly uploaded; from very simple stuff with very low production quality, to really elaborate ideas that probably took many days to create and a substantial budget to pull off. For this contest we ask you to comb Youtube to create a playlist of at least 9 different videos in Italian that you think are awesome and would like to share with the world. If you are unsure how to create a Youtube playlist, you can learn more about it here. Once you have created your playlist, share the link on the ITAL homepage and add a simple comment (in Italian) that describes the type of content that you are sharing with the rest of the community. The playlists with the most amount of likes/comments will win this contest. The cut off time for submitting your playlist is Friday, April 20th! Winner will be chosen Friday April 27th, to give you a good week to promote your playlist among your peers and friends and try to get as many likes as you can. Winner will receive a really nice gift certificate to a local ITAL approved Italian restaurant. Brianna, the winner of our last contest won a $50 gift certificate to Numero 28 in Downtown Austin! Don’t miss out! Here’s an example of a playlist that we created. We thank 611 Instructor Vanessa Fanelli from the University of Texas for providing the idea for this contest. Big Kudos also to instructor Amanda Bush, given that all top 4 contenders of our last contest came from her class!!

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