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Connecting at the Tavola!

The main reason why we learn a language is to be able to connect with other people.   This is why the best way to learn a language is by using it to connect with other folks; the more you do that, the more you’ll learn your desired language.  

We recommend you to get together with other people and practice your Italian.   

There are conversational groups and meet ups everywhere.    If you need some help in finding some in your vicinity, let us know / subject line: I need help finding a conversation group and we’ll help you find one, or even guide you on how to start your own.    

If you are in Austin, Texas or in the vicinity, then we encourage you to attend La Tavola Italiana every Wednesday at 3:30 pm. Every last Wednesday of the month it will be hosted at 7:30pm at the restaurant Lucky's Puccias & Pizzeria.

Il Circolo Italiano, a UTStarted by the one and only Antonella D. Olson and supported by

student organization, the Tavola is open to anyone in the community interested in speaking & practicing Italian.    This year, Antonella has decided to host it at different places every week; therefore next Wednesday’s Tavola will be at Lucky’s Puccia.   Lucky is featured in our video “fatto a mano”, which you can watch with Italian or english subtitles.  

At the Tavola you’ll be able to meet other ITAL members, plus get the chance to meet and talk to all kinds of folks including instructors of Italian.   We highly recommend you coming to each one of them; it will help your Italian quite a bit, especially if you make the effort of only communicating with people by using whatever Italian you may have.  It is that struggle to communicate and connect with others using your language what will really help you improve your Italian. 

Here is photo from the last Tavola at Cactus Cafe.    We will be attending at least two of these events a month; so we look forward to seeing you and connecting with you at one of the next Tavola events! 


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