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First ITAL contest of the semester!

Did you know that “Spaghetti with meatballs” is nowhere to be found in an Italian restaurant’s menu?   Are you aware that if you ask for pepperoni pizza in Italy, you will be either considered crazy or, in the best case scenario, you may get a pizza covered with bell peppers?  

Our first ITAL contest this fall tests your knowledge of Italian and Italian American cuisine. It is very simple to participate.

First, cook or purchase a tasty Italian or Italian American dish. Second, record a simple video of yourself with your phone where you tell us

a) the name of the dish

b) whether it is Italian or Italian American

c) a very short description of the dish and its history - basically, explain to people why you chose to highlight the dish that you chose. Third, post the link of your video to our ITAL homepage Main Comment section.   Fourth, ask others to watch your comment and to like it, or post their comments about it.

The post with the most amount of likes/comments by September 30th will be the winner.  Winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to a local Italian or Italian American restaurant (your choice)

If you decide to cook your dish, we ask you to please be EXTREMELY careful. If you choose to go to a restaurant and purchase the dish instead, make sure to let us know the name of the restaurant.

Buona Fortuna!


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