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It's a Panzanella War!

Behold, the great Battle of the Panzanelli!

All of these entries were submitted after the deadline of the contest had passed, but... who cares....    We will reignite the contest!   Actually, we thought that no one had made a Panzanella and were kinda feeling like this:  

But now it's all joy and smiles since we got so many entries!!!

So, VOTE for the best looking panzanella in the comment section of the Home page of ITAL by liking your favorite entry.   The panzanella with the biggest amount of likes/hearts/comments by Wednesday Feb 7th will receive a very cool prize!!!  

Adding all the PANZANELLA WARRIORS below.  We commend you and Thank you for making us feel like this: 


Warrior Rudy DeBellis has made a tasty Panzanella Toscana, given his facial expression, we guess he made his panzanella after drinking half of that bottle of wine?!!   Also, kudos to Rudy for finding the craziest place in his house to take a picture about food!   It definitely is a picture that tells a story... how did Rudy end up there eating and drinking?... uhmmm....    

Warrior Carina Torres has also gone for the Tuscan style Panzanella.  Judging by what we can see in the picture, she seems to have found some really good and hearty ingredients, including some very decent bread.   Kudos to you Carina, we hope that it was as tasty at it looks!   

We get the feeling here that this lady likes to cook and eat healthy!

Il guerriero della Panzanella McCoy Johnston wastes no time and prefers to pose with his dish as he takes a bite! Seems to us he found some nice cherry Tomatoes and basil; however, wait a second... is that "sandwich bread"?   

It's hard to know from the picture, so we'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you went and got some good bread for your Panzanella!!   

Btw... sandwhich bread in Italy is known as Pane a cassetta; Italians usually use it for making a tramezzino.

Warrior Parker Rost shows us his version of the panzanella Toscana.   It seems that Parker chose to stay simple, which is always a good choice as most Italian food is usually very simple.  We give kudos to Parker for showing us some good Longhorn spirit, we also love how proud he looks in this picture!!   This is a man saying "look, I made this!!!  Yep, It was me!!"

We hope you had a great time eating it as well Parker!  

Warrior Tiffany Pritchett shows us a Panzanella, which she calls Toscana in her comment.  Uhhmm...  We are unsure about calling this a Panzanella Toscana, it has the ingredients, but it does look a little different to the standard version.  That said, we give props to Tiffany for making a super pretty Panzanella.  She cut and arranged the tomatoes nicely and that little basil in the middle does make it look very pretty! 

Warrior Sarah Johannesen enters the Panzanella Toscana competition with the healthiest entry of all, one made with whole wheat bread!!   We dig it.    There are many Italians who are now switching to whole wheat bread and bread without gluten.  

We commend you Sarah for keeping it light and healthy.   ; )

Mariya Tankimovich, the feared guerriera della Panzanella, shows us her nice Panzanella Romana. Seems she went to Central Market to buy her ingredients, which is definitely a great choice if one wants to find good organic produce of high quality. 

We enjoy to see how much she likes olive oil!! 

We love good olive oil as well!  We highly doubt you ate that entire plate by yourself, though maybe you are smiling in that picture because that was what you were planning on doing! 

Enter Kori Wheeler, our last Panzanella Warrior.   We were first a bit confused as it seems that Kori threw everyone a curve ball by choosing to use yellow tomatoes instead of the regular red kind.

We have to admit we originally though that maybe Kori had decided to use pineapple in his Tuscan Panzanella... you know, to each its own!..    

Other than that, it seems like a good and classic Panzanella Toscana made with some good bread.   We bet it was very tasty, though we're still unsure about those mysterious yellow tomatoes!.  Btw, extra kudos to Kori for wearing that sweet jean jacket! Cool buttons too! 



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