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ITAL Module 4 release: Raccontami Una Storia Di Roma

Wow!! If you had been in Austin last week then you would definitely known that it was SXSW week.  It's almost impossible to escape SXSW nowadays, the conference is just HUGE! 

That said, there was something else very huge happening last week that is worth mentioning... and that is the release of our brand new ITAL module 4!!   That's correct a new module with new stories and new ways of learning.    This time we tried something very different from the last modules that we hope you truly enjoy.   The module is titled "Raccontami una storia di Roma"

See attached the video that explains the new module.   We will be tweaking things on it for the next couple of weeks so if you find anything super strange please let us know.   Otherwise, we really hope you enjoy this project and that you get to learn more about the amazing city of Rome through this module.


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