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Pizza Napoletana - Simple and Amazing

We love Pizza, you love Pizza, Ninja Turtles love Pizza, heck, everyone loves Pizza!   

That said, as this popular ITAL video explains, not all pizza is the same!   There are many crazy things out there that people are calling pizza!  

We’re talking about you Totinos! 

There are also many tasty innovations and variations of pizza that are worth trying such as New York, Chicago Deep Dish and Detroit Style.      Now, which style of pizza is the best is hard to say, as everyone is entitled to their own tastes and preferences - even if your favorite is Mr. Gatti’s pizza dipped in ranch dressing (we will never judge, well maybe just a little!).   The one thing that everyone can safely agree upon is that the classic Pizza comes from Napoli, the place where it was invented.   

Neapolitan Pizza has enjoyed an incredible revival in recent years, especially in the US, where it has recently become one of the most popular pizza styles.   Merely 10 years ago, it would have been impossible to find good Neapolitan pizza in Austin, Tx, now there are at least 5 places that serve very nice Pizza that even Neapolitans would find Ok  - most likely just “OK”, since true Neapolitans are VERY particular about their pizza.  

But, how hard is it to create Neapolitan pizza at home?   The answer is... it's challenging but not impossible.  It is a process that takes time (at least one hour for the flour and yeast to rise), really good ingredients, a very hot oven, and most likely a few trials and errors…  that said, it is something you can definitely do, granted you are VERY CAREFUL when attempting to prepare it on your own.  

A few days ago we found this awesome recipe video for Neapolitan Pizza that we thought to share with you.   If you end up trying it out, make sure to share a photo with us at (or in the comment section of the main page), so we can help you brag about it.   Please, do keep a great deal of common sense when working with a really hot oven (such as remembering to turn it off!!!).  We also recommend getting a baking stone (pizza stone) and a pizza paddle.   If you need any help with finding good ingredients, just let us know!

If you think making your own Neapolitan Pizza may be too much work, we recommend the following establishments in Austin Texas to find it:  (let us know if you live outside of Austin and we’ll help you locate a place that sells good Neapolitan pizza near you)


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